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Let's take a look to the floors of the living and kitchen areas... old style, brown, weird shaped tiles that make the room look like my granma-style!

So, the first decision was: let's get rid of this floors and substitute with nice fresh new tiles.  But the budget didn't agree with the proposal!

The budget was unfortunately tight, but the desire to get a fresher look was very strong... so... solution: let's cover the floors with nice wood parquet!

Obviously, we needed to check that the doors and windows could open properly, as the applied floor on top of the old floor was consuming around 1.5 cm of space. It worked out quite well and the effect is way better than the original color:



Old  vs  New


ceramic brown tiles


laminate wood grey parquet


Then, the makeover of the bedroom.

The renovation of the bedroom has been quite an intense journey.  An old yellow-flowery wardrobe has been removed, and substituted with new furniture.  And surprise surprise:  when we removed that big yellowish chunk of wardrobe, a huge crack in the wall appeared!

PANIC!!!!  We had to call the architect and make sure that

the house was in good conditions to live inside.

So, advice for you:  if you are moving to a new place,

make sure that big pieces of furniture

like wardrobes don't hide anything suspicious like this!

After appropriately fixing the wall (and building an extra-layer to isolate the crack), the walls of the bedroom have been painted in grey color, and the furniture chosen was white & grey.

Huge crack!!


It's a sort of magic to see how the same corner can be transformed just by finding the proper color combination and with clean furniture.

The look is much neater and more modern.

The floor of the bedroom was already quite good (a red-wood parquet), it just needed to be fixed in the corners, nothing too complicated, just a few hours of work!


The size of the room is around 20 square meters.  The choice of a bridge wardrobe is useful when there is a lack of space, and the available space needs to be used as much as possible.

The corner has been filled with a shelf unit and another white wardrobe has been added on the side wall.

The bed is a queen sized bed, with underneath container.   Again, another useful trick to get closed space where to store anything.. from luggages to bedsheets!!

I particularly like the side-bed little shelves, they are perfect to store books or object of daily use.

The bedroom has been functionally enriched with some additional items (a mirror, an air-con device, some hangers...).  It has also been made prettier with a nice side-bed lamp and a white light that shines some nice shapes on the ceiling!


AirCon device


Decorative light

Let's move to the kitchen.

The kitchen is really small, it doesn't fit a table, and not even the american-style fridge that we really wanted to put.

The cabinets were very old (40+ years old!), and the tiles were really really old style as well. 

We decided to cover the floors with the same grey-wood parquet of the living room, remove the tiles, paint the walls white and buy white furniture as well. 

Only the oven and the stove have been saved from the old kitchen and re-installed in the new one.

The transformation has been dramatic!!


The work has been quite intense, few days of breaking and painting and fixing and installing... but at the end the result has really paid off!


The white makes the room looking bigger and the space cleaner.

The fridge has been placed in the dining room, next to the big table.


The dining room didn't require much work, except for the painting of the walls and the covering of the floors. Here pictures of various corners:

Last but not least, the living room.

Wall painting and fixing of the radiators has been done.  The radiators in particular were never been repainted in 50 years!!!

Now they look again white and clean, luckily.


I hope you like the job done!

If you want to know additional details, do not hesitate to CONTACT ME!

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