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Business/Financial Consulting

I am a Certified Prince2 Agile® Project Manager and a Senior Customer’s Consultant with 10 years’ experience of Service Support & Improvement on Financial Cloud-based platforms.

I've worked on international financial markets for the past decades delivering projects all over the word for major financial institutions.


For reference, see my Linkedin profile. 

I am an international recognized expert in financial services, financial modelling, markets dynamics, Financial Institutions behaviors and needs. I have experience of writing web content, company press releases, blogs and articles. So I would therefore say I could write about almost anything related to financial services.

My previous clients have included financial providers, banks, asset managers, wealth funds, pension funds... and so on.

Contact me if you need the:
✔ Write financial content for blogs, newspapers, websites, flyers.
✔ Receive advices to engage your client base, improve the relationship with your clients and partners.
✔ Analyze financial statements, financial projections, credit documents, stock markets, market trends.
✔ Get insights about investments and income allocation to build your investment portfolio.
✔ Build financial reporting workflows.
✔ Study new business opportunities and feasibility.
✔ and much more...



What do I need to get started on a project?

I need to know:
- The type of consulting you need for you/your company
- Timeframe to complete your project

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